‘At War’, the latest release by Bubba Peace was born through storytelling and a desire to change.

Bubba Peace is The Dragon of The West who descends from Zulu Akasha. An original son of the Bay Area, born by the lake near downtown Oakland, California. Whether walking to and from Piedmont, craving the latest holographic Charizard or Tyranitar from Dr. Comics and Mr. Games, or reading advertisement signs while riding the 57 down MacArthur, his curiosity was endless.

Bushenga AaronAli, creatively known as Bubba Peace, changed his legal and artistic names several times after moving to Denver, Colorado. He cultivated his gifts by watching Goku train endlessly to defend the planet; admiring the search for his self through Tiger Eyes stocking Dragon Tales. During a conversation with Zea Stallings and Juicebox of Paradise about the lack of healthy men within our creative and personal communities, At War was born through storytelling and a desire to change.

An acoustic hiphop vibe that screams Rocky Mountain Hippie, At War explores how we all have mountains we need to climb in order to bring peace into our lives!
Zea Stallings gives you a campfire melody with Felix Ayodele painting tears through piano play in the background. All the while, Bubba gives his sondering rendition on a hike through a wintered spring. You don’t want to miss an opportunity to join the evolving arena of introspective sound!

Bubba Peace releases At War (feat. Zea Stallings and Felix Ayodele).

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