Carolee Rainey stays anchored with her new single ‘Anchor’ which has helped her overcome feelings of helplessness

Carolee Rainey’s song ‘ANCHOR’ deeply speaks to anyone who’s ever felt abandoned. Written after experiencing such an occurrence, Carolee explains: “I’ve been dragged through this very darkness and when ‘ANCHOR’ came to me in a dream I realized that although the trauma of unexpectedly losing that ‘ANCHOR’ in my life was on one hand unbearable, on the other hand I realized I had to also take responsibility to ‘ANCHOR’ myself back to who I am no matter what.”

This transformative experience has saved Carolee from spiralling and she is hoping to help others the way it has helped her.

I am so grateful. I am thinking of you and praying that you also stay ‘ANCHORED’ continues Carolee

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