December 3, 2022

Topo La Maskara who hails from the Dominican Republic specialises in dropping global Afropop, Afro Bow, Dancehall and Funk Pop hits.

Topo La Maskara has now assembled a dream team joining up with Mr.Vegas, Nyla and DeeWunn as he drops a breakthrough, energetic, banging and exceptionally well produced modern Dancehall EP.

DISCOVER BEST NEW DANCEHALL OF 2020: 3 Billion Views Viral Billboard hit star ‘Topo La Maskara’ returns in style with Mr.Vegas, Nyla and DeeWunn on the global Dancehall anthem packed hot Dancehall EP ‘Original’  – Discover Dancehall

The brand new EP from the Dominican Republic sensation is entitled ‘Original’.

Topo La Maskara is a Singer/Songwriter and Music Producer who launched his career with the huge hit “Scooby doo Papa” which was the Viral Billboard song of 2018.

The massive hit “Scooby doo Papa” generated almost 3 Billion Views and was followed by the Biggest Carnival Song 2020 in Brasil entitled ‘Verdinha’ with Ludmilla.

mr vegas

Today the incredible Topo La Maskara drops a modern Dancehall EP entitled ‘Original’ with The Legend ” Mr.Vegas and Nyla ( Mazor Lazer Light it up ) and DeeWunn.

DeeWunn originalnyla

‘Original’ is available on all good worldwide digital music retailers. Check out the full track list below and get streaming, dancing, grinding and following.