December 3, 2022

17-year-old Christine Lee is back with her latest song, Fallin along with a stunning visual that highlights the beauty of the song. Standing amidst a hilly area, Christine is depicted singing her heart out surrounded by nature.

Christine says, “The song is young, innocent and shy. The heart and soul of the song capture that butterfly feeling inside of you when you have your first big crush.”

Fallin is also an evolution sonically for Christine. The young artist worked on the song in-house. She shares, “This is one of the first songs we produced all on our own, from playing and recording the instruments, to mixing down the sounds, to mastering.”

Pop Rock sensation ‘Christine Lee’ graces the front cover of ‘New Music Times’ as her wonderfully sweet and innocent well written single ‘Fallin’ drops with big scene music video

In just a few short years, Christine Lee has continued to grow and mature into a new artist with each release and Fallin showcases this growth while staying true to who Christine is as a person and artist.

New Music Times - Christine Lee - Sep 2020 - L

Christine goes on to share, “I want people to feel excited and happy when they listen to Fallin. Maybe it’s about a classmate you have a crush on, or maybe it’s about a friend who you want to be more than just friends with. Maybe it’s someone on the other side of the world who you connected with online. I want that someone to imagine and dream along with the song’s lyrics and catchy melody.”

Fallin is available on all streaming platforms.


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