December 8, 2022

Our musical good news today is entitled “First Date”, by Sk8way 10thousand.

Indeed, Sk8way 10thousand unexpectedly blends rock music and pop, with the touches of emo-rap with his voice.

This creativity gives us unusual and unique tracks like “First Date”.

DISCOVER RAP AND ROCK FUSIONS: ‘Sk8way 10thousand’ spreads his unique rap sound and vibe across the globe as he learns his mistakes on a ‘First Date’ with dope single that combines rock with Rap Trap vibes. – Discover Rap Trap Radio UK

Today we advise you to give yourself a musical break and the right dose of music. And let’s be honest, for us, it’s been a while that we did not have such a pleasant moment. We have found exactly what we were looking for with Sk8way 10thousand.

The artist’s seductive voice and energy are an addiction and believe us, you will never get tired of it.

You would have understood it: “First Date” is what we can call a Banger!

Just perfect for our sunny and free days after the lockdown! You better add it on your playlists right now.

We invite you to discover his beautiful & unique swagger on the track.