December 7, 2022

Carreira3 returns to drop their latest captivating single ‘Sorry’O.’

The Afrobeat/pop features a unique production and mesmerizing vocal by the artists that will captivate any music fan. Every year has significant competition when it comes to being proclaimed as a true summer anthem.

If you are looking for it, it’s Carreira3’s ‘Sorry’O’.

DISCOVER THE BEST NEW AFROBEAT POP: After judging on BBC1 show “All Together Now” alongside Geri Halliwell from the Spice Girls, ‘Carreira3’ release the beautiful, stylish modern African UK fused sounds of new drop Sorry’O. – Discover Afrobeat Pop UK

From the press of play, listeners are engulfed in the world the artists create with their no-frills approach. The single offers uplifting tones, a driving groovy beat, a powerful bassline, and an infectious vocal melody that will have people hooked.

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With motivating and detailed lyricism, this emerging creatives maintains a fully charged arsenal of high octane music that supports the fact that they are the next force in the industry.

Carreira3 delivers melodic bliss with lyrical depth across the release. ‘Sorry’O’ is a must-listen and a must-add to your summer playlists!


Carreira3 is an emerging Urban vocal group originating from London, United Kingdom. Consisting of brothers Jace, Alfie-J, and Dieu Carreira, Carreira3 is set to leave their footprint in the music scene.

Currently, the trio has been dominating Europe’s R&B and the pop market as well as delivering must-watch performances. Owners of their own label, Carreira Records, the trio has a distinctive and catchy style that will have people hooked.

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Quickly making a name for themselves, Carreira3 were judges in the BBC1 show “All Together Now” alongside Geri Halliwell from the Spice Girls.

With thousands of streams and downloads, Carreira3 is a force to be reckoned with. Performing at the biggest venues around the U.K., Carreira3 is the live show that you must watch.

From their releases to the stages, the trio is set to continue their meteoric rise to stardom.