“Get Out Playboy”: Wakacia’s Anthem Against Romantic Game-Players

“Get out playboy” is the new single from Wakacia. The single is about that kind of man that always want to play game in love whereas to be truth and commit to relationship.

The single by Wakacia that discusses playboys is about men who are perpetually involved in romantic games rather than seeking genuine, committed relationships. The song delves into the behavior of these men, highlighting how they prioritize playing games and avoiding commitment over being truthful and faithful in their romantic endeavors. The lyrics likely explore the emotional impact of such behavior on their partners and emphasize the value of honesty and dedication in relationships. Through this single, Wakacia aims to shed light on the consequences of such actions and advocate for sincerity and commitment in love.

Wakacia has been deeply interested in singing and writing since she was six years old. She started singing in the Sunday school choir and also participated in church theater productions. Upon finishing high school and beginning her university studies, she gradually composed fewer songs until she eventually abandoned music to focus on her law degree.

However, a life-changing event made her realize that she was unhappy because she had given up what truly made her happy and passionate: singing. Wakacia then understood that being a university student did not have to prevent her from pursuing her passion as an artist. She regained her zest for life and is now more determined than ever to share her love for music with the world. In her songs, she often tells personal stories, as well as stories she has observed or imagined, incorporating artistic fantasies. Her music serves as a means to escape reality and as a tool to rewrite stories with unhappy endings.




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