Interview: With Over 1,000,000 views on YouTube, OR GOLAN returns with new single ‘There is No Chance For Us’.

Where are you based?

I was born and raised in Israel, it’s a little funny (isn’t it?) that someone like me came from such a small country, to be honest, I have no idea why when I’m asked this question in every interview I get sad and sour.

Why did you start a career in music?

Three years ago, I started making music because I was bored (really!) and I had the feeling that it was now or never. I never imagined in my life that I would be like this with huge work and many achievements, I knew I would be famous, but not to that extent. To sell over a million copies of my songs so far is a kind of success.

Tell us about your latest single ‘There is no chance for us’?

This is a song whose melody was stuck in my head and I couldn’t get rid of it, usually if it happens that a melody comes to me then there is the basic melody, a few sounds like looking for a song you know but don’t know what it’s called so you sing in sounds that no one would sign a certificate for us Sanity, and that’s how it goes: Ta Ti To Ta. Now that you understand that, think that I have maybe fifty tunes for each period of time in my head.

This song There is no chance for us, I decided to call it that because I saw a video on Tiktok about Freddie Mercury (remember the blessing). He was hysterical, an extraordinary talent, phenomenal in his being, and in one second when I saw the video he penetrated my soul and stayed there. After I saw the same video, the song “There is no chance for us” just came out and the arrangement I made for the song can reveal a little about his being and his wisdom.

Tell us about the success of your singles to date?

An artist in his definition is to tell a story, to convey an experience to the viewer, now your “faithful servant” will tell you how to do it using an ancient Jewish parable.

Once upon a time in a Jewish town in Prague there was a great Jewish rabbi who commanded an entire community in the town and told them why it is important to keep the Sabbath (the seventh day of the week) as a day that is all about rest and doing mitzvot (good deeds). In this town there were also Jews who were too established with amounts of Workers, servants, luxury houses, etc. And they said to the rabbi: listen, we need to work so that the money will roll for us in the streets. The Rabbi was wise and said: Okay, I will build a “golem” (an empty thing made of earth and water in the shape of a human being) and he will do all the hard work. The people were happy, had a feast, poured wine in the streets, the whole party was made in Prague. Shabbat came and all the Jews in the town were in their homes resting with their wives, but what, the rabbi forgot to turn off the golem, so the golem got up on its giant legs and destroyed the whole town, from the noise everyone got up and saw the horror the golem had done, they called the rabbi to do something else The golem will kill all the Jews, even the torches that the Jews threw at the golem did not help. The rabbi came to the golem and stopped him with his strength, placed on his head the letters A.M.T written in Hebrew (in English translation: living and breathing) and removed the letter A so that they remained The letters M, T (translated into English: a dead human being) When the cocoon saw this, it fell into pieces and the rabbi put it in the attic of the Jewish synagogue in Prague and until one day it is forbidden to enter there because if the humans activate the cocoon again it will stand up and take its revenge.

How would you describe your sound?

If I were a music critic I would say that my style is avant-garde with a nod to the world of theatricality 🙂

Who are your musical influences?

First and foremost Britney Spears, a woman that all people want to be and they will never say it

Is OR GOLAN your real name?

He will remain until the day I die, this is how I was born and this is how I will die.

How would you describe your creative process? What synths do you use?

Believe me I don’t know, I never studied musical theories because I’m a stupid person who doesn’t get anything into his mind, the melodies come out of my unknown talent for creation and art and fantasies and spirit.

Where do you record and who produced your single?

Only I produce and compose my songs, no one in my life wanted to do a duet or collaboration with me, not even a negligible friend, I will always be alone in life, that’s also why my songs are so special

Do you have any advice or message to fans?

The last time you interviewed me I said a sentence that I regret today, so I don’t have one at the moment

Where can we find you online?

Just search for Or Golan and one of the songs, and I will appear for you on Google, and if you really want to wonder what the strange phenomenon called Or Golan is, search on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube (with over a million views on the official OR GOLAN-TOPIC channel). Until the next time we meet, greetings from Israel :).

Achievements to Date

Over 1 M copies of singles have been sold: Times Square, Wikipedia , BBC Radio 1, Radio Plays, Articles, Radio and television interviews, His music has entered more than 70 countries.

# Over 1,000,000 views on the official YouTube channel (OR GOLAN – TOPIC)
# 5,484th place as an artist in world music
#Tenth place in the popular songs played for the month of October 2022 in Senegal (the song Havagabond)
#Twenty-ninth place in the new songs on music charts in Senegal 2022 (the song Havagabond)
# Over 12000 radio plays for the song I am Greedy worldwide
# Over 8000 radio plays for the song Havagabond worldwide
# Over 3500 plays for the song Zarar worldwide
# 20 times first place in the radio charts
# 24 radio interviews to audiences of millions of listeners
# 7 TV appearances in Brazil to an audience of 2.5 million viewers