Luke Beling Releases Powerful Single about coming to terms with our own frailty in this gigantic universe – A Stone In The Mouth Of The Ocean

“Coming to Terms With Our Human Frailty in This Gigantic Universe”

A Stone in the Mouth of the Ocean, folk artist Luke Beling’s upcoming debut album, is set for release in October 2023, preceded by four singles. The lead single (August 4th), sharing the same name as the album, serves thematically as a preface for the collection of songs, dealing with coming to terms with our human frailty while reckoning for a little significance in this big universe we call home.

South African-born singer-songwriter, Beling, grew up listening to music from the 60s and 70s, influenced by records his father played and the surrounding struggle of his native country.

“Beling’s music delivers a thoughtful blend of pop-friendly acoustic folk, balanced against a simmering brew of spirituality and percipience.“- Krister Axel, CHILLFILTR.

Beling believes music should embody both the miracle and labor of life. Everyday stories borne from world wandering, his folk songs hope to impart to listeners something honest.

 In conjunction with the album release, Beling has recently signed an exclusive sync deal with Think Music Group to represent and license, A Stone in the Mouth of the Ocean.

In addition to the album, four lyric videos will accompany the singles.