Awaken the Spirits with Kamru’s “Kosmic Attunement to the Malevolent Rites of the Universe”

Dive into the depths of the mysterious realm crafted by Kamru, a band that defies convention with their intoxicating fusion of heavy metal prowess and gothic allure. At the helm of this sonic voyage stand Ashwin Prasad, the rhythmic maestro behind the drums, and Jason Kleim, whose haunting vocals and thunderous bass serve as the band’s guiding force. Together, they conjure a hypnotic symphony that transports listeners to the furthest reaches of existential dread and unearthly beauty.

Hailing from Colorado, Kamru beckons you into a world shrouded in shadows and dripping with intrigue, where each note resonates with the echoes of cosmic horror. Central to Kamru‘s haunting repertoire lies their magnum opus, the 6-track project “Kosmic Attunement to the Malevolent Rites of the Universe.” Released to the world in April 2022, this dark masterpiece delves deep into the abyss, with tracks like “Hierophant,” “Cenotaph,” and “Dark Rider” serving as gateways to realms unknown. 

Kamru is also known for their live performances that are legendary, leaving audiences enraptured and entranced. From festivals to private venues, their electrifying presence captivates all who bear witness, promising an unforgettable experience that transcends the ordinary.

Step into the darkness. Embrace the unknown. Let Kamru be your guide to a world where shadows dance, and nightmares reign supreme. “Kosmic Attunement to the Malevolent Rites of the Universe” is available on all major platforms, including Spotify. Adorn yourself with their occult-inspired merchandise featuring their iconic logo, available on their website.