From Yoruba Folk to Afro-soul: Janeliasoul’s Musical Journey Culminates in New Afrobeats Hit ‘How it Started’

‘How it Started’ is the new single from ‘Janeliasoul’. A unique blend of afrobeats and lyrical depth, ‘How it Started’ embraces the nostalgia of fond memories and affirms the present.

Nigerian-American independent artist, Janeliasoul developed her love of music while growing up in Nigeria. Learning traditional Yoruba folk songs led to her discovering other musical genres, such as Soul and Jazz. Fast-forward to now and the Baltimore, Maryland resident’s 7-piece band “Janeliasoul” is fusing those influences, along with Afrobeat into one infectious sound which she calls Afro-soul.

With lyrical depth, she writes and sings about life, love, and the human experience; captivating audiences with her heartfelt melodies and profound insights. After her video for “Love-Hate” reached more than 1 million views on YouTube, Janeliasoul released her debut EP, “Self-affirmation Project.” She followed up with a few singles and and her latest release is titled “How it Started”. As the new single continues to gain momentum, the sky’s the limit for this Nigerian Goddess.



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