N2BLÜ keep up their fast rise to the dance pop top with their proudly rhythmic and jubilant LGBTQIA electronic pop single ‘NSA’–Hear it on ‘The Beat’ at 9 AM Everyday on Londonfm.digital and Discover Electro 24.


Modern Synth Pop and Dance outfit N2BLÜ follow up their previous hit single ‘Electric Dreams’ with a brand new single entitled ‘NSA’.

NSA is a jubilant pop experience with full electronic synth power and intricate electronic rhythms with warm vocals that stay in your head and leave you feeling free and ‘Not Sorry’.

When asked about the story behind the song they proclaimed “NSA is an anthem for all my fellow LGBTQIA brothers and sisters as well as anyone who has ever felt that they have to apologize for being themselves.

I’m (Jonathan) guilty of being one of those people who say ‘I’m sorry’ for everything. I grew up with low self-esteem, I was the fat kid that got picked on for being big, and most people didn’t “get me” because I wasn’t a typical “boy”.

It takes incredible strength to own who you are and never apologize for it.

Own your truth, because you’re NSA.


N2BLÜ keep up their fast rise to the dance pop top with their proudly rhythmic and jubilant LGBTQIA electronic pop single ‘NSA’–Hear it on ‘The Beat’ at 9 AM Everyday on Londonfm.digital – Discover LGBTQIA Pop Dance


If I could run to the edge of my mind

Past the point of no return Just to rewind the oceans of time

All the mistakes and lessons I’ve learned

I don’t wanna be the one to always compromise

I’m done with being someone with tears in my eyes

I’m tired of regretting who I was before Cuz

I’m Not Sorry Anymore I’m Not Sorry Anymore

I’m Not Sorry Anymore

Not all your scars are on the outside

Some are tattooed on your soul

They can be the hardest to hide

When you let your heart unfold I shouldn’t apologize for my existence

But it’s hard to reprogram my broken resistance

I want to move on from who I was before Cuz I’m Not Sorry Anymore

I’m Not Sorry Anymore

I’m Not Sorry Anymore

Is it enough for me just to say it out loud?

Could it be that easy just to say that I’m proud?

Wipe away all the lies that they preach

You’re not the one to blame! Never be afraid of who you’re meant to be And always know you are not your pain!

Cuz I’m Not Sorry Anymore

I’m Not Sorry Anymore I’m Not Sorry Anymore

No, I’m Not Sorry Anymore

Oh oh oh I’m Not Sorry Anymore

Whoa I’m Not Sorry Anymore

Oh oh oh Cuz I’m Not Sorry Anymore

I’m Not Sorry Anymore


The previous hit single from N2BLÜ  was entitled ‘Electric Dreams’. 

Born in New Orleans, Jonathan Arceneaux started singing not long after he learned to talk and hasn’t stopped singing since!

At a very young age Jonathan began his career as a singer in a church choir and started taking voice lessons in both classical and musical theatre styles. During his High School years in Baton Rouge, LA, Jonathan continued singing in the choir and participated in several musical theatre productions. He also started to tap into his writing talents as a freshman in High School, drawing inspiration from some of his favourite bands and artists like Better Than Ezra, Duncan Sheik and Savage Garden.

Over the years following, Jonathan began to realize that his true passion was singing and writing Pop music, so he changed his focus from classical and music theatre to be a full time Pop singer/songwriter. He is a passionate, true artist with emotional expression through his writing, production, and performance. Jonathan also enjoys collaborating with other artists to meld unique tastes in sound and texture.

In 2008 he worked with hit producers I-ROC (Universal Music/HappyMadison Productions/BZEE ROC) and RADIO (Chris Brown’s “Dreamer”/Blake Lewis’ “End of the World”).

As a result of the collaboration with RADIO in 2009, Jonathan released “From The Ashes”, under the name Jay Arseno, his sophomore follow up to his debut album in 2008, “Face In You Crowd”, under the name Jonathan Adam.

After the loss of his father to kidney cancer in August of 2009, Jonathan took some time off from music and in 2013 he decided to move from his home in Houston, TX to Los Angeles, CA for an immersive experience in the heart of the music industry.

While he learned a lot about the industry and himself, Los Angeles was not a good fit for him. So, in 2015 Jonathan decided to get back to his roots and move back home to the Big Easy, New Orleans. Not long after moving to New Orleans, Jonathan met Konstantin Smorodnikov, a personal trainer originally from Russia who had a love and talent for music as well.

Jonathan and Konstantin had an instant connection as friends and decided to start working on music together. While Jonathan came from more of a pop music writing background and classical vocal training, Konstantin’s background was in the club and dance music scene. The next couple of years lead to the duo developing a seamless blending of Jonathan’s lyrics and vocals and Konstantin’s beats and instrumentation to create a sound all their own. In July 2018 they were approached by Loren Israel to participate in his song writing mentorship program.

Little did Jonathan and Konstantin know that this would be an integral turning point in their musical journey.

After a year of instruction, guidance, and tough love from Loren and by honing their skills in song writing and lyricism, they have emerged as the duo, N2BLÜ.

Born and raised in Kostroma, Russia, Konstantin Smorodnikov fell in love with music at early age. It was the structure of rhythm and arrangement that most interested him.

Around 15 is when he was introduced to computer music production.

At 18 moved to America where spent most of his 20’s going out to local dance clubs and learning all he could about technical side of production and sound engineering. He drew inspiration from DJ’s like Peter Rauhofer and Abel Aguilera.

In 2016 he met Jonathan Arceneaux. They realized that they both shared a passion for similar sounds and ideas in music and decided to give a musical partnership a shot.

NSA is out now and follows the previous hit from N2Blu ‘Electric Dreams.




Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/6L2D6sZHkvqdGsYNvvJWDr?si=_En_WvKJRlKxwzsLVvgRdQ
Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/n-s-a-single/1517804703
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/n2blu/nsa
Facebook Video Link: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=270662137530575
YouTube Lyric Video Link: https://youtu.be/CyRLjVjXYu8

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